Professional 216 PC Ratchet Socket Set 1/2 1/4 3/8 Spanners Toolbox Kit Tool
Stupid Design Mistake Stanley Tools

SPINNER HANDLE 1PC-BIT HOLDER 30PCS-1/4DR. DEEP SOCKETS16,17,18,19,22MM 3PCS-1/2DR. Professional 216 pc ratchet socket set 1/2 1/4 3/8 spanners toolbox kit tool 100% brand new and professional grade quality. MADE TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS. BIT SOCKETSH3,4,5,6, FD4,5.5,6.5,7, PH0,1,2, PZ0,1,2, T8,9,10,15,20,25,27,30, TT8,9,10,15,20,25,27,30 1PC-1/4DR.